5 Amazing Reasons You Should Try a CBD Massage

Are you feeling stressed, tired, or sore?

If so, it’s high time you consider treating yourself to a CBD massage.

Research shows Cannabidiol possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

As a matter of fact, CBD may offer body and mind relief.

Combined with the soothing effects of a massage, well, let’s just say the experience may leave you in a state of pure bliss.

In fact, just check out these five amazing reasons why more people are turning to CBD massages.

1.) Ease Tension and Stress

Let’s face it, life can be stressful.

Just when you think you have everything taken care of, another curveball comes your way.

Over time, stress can build.

Not only may this make you feel out of whack, too much stress can also lead to other health issues such as:

Low Energy


Digestive Problems



Frequent Colds

And more!

But what if CBD could help?

Evidence suggests Cannabidiol may alleviate anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

Therefore, adding hemp CBD to your massage may amplify the body boosting benefits for total relaxation.

2.) Rejuvenate Your Skin

Did you know CBD may also help your skin?

Topical application of Cannabidiol is shown to reduce inflammation and oil production, two big contributors to the development of blemishes.

But that’s not all!

Research also suggests that CBD may possess powerful antioxidant properties, thereby reducing the signs of aging.

Applying Cannabidiol directly to the skin using a massage may promote a clearer and healthier complexion.

3.) Alleviate Inflammation

While some inflammation is normal, too much inflammation can lead to pain along with decreased mobility, particularly around our joints and muscles.

Clearly, not a fun experience.

Yet, evidence indicates CBD targets inflammation at the source.


Massages are also shown to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation in the body.

Integrating CBD may magnify these benefits for lasting relief.

4.) Soothe Sore Muscles

Are you suffering from sore muscles?

If so, it’s high time you consider booking a CBD massage.

Whether you’re suffering from an athletic injury or pain from another medical disorder, sore muscles can seriously hinder your quality of life.

However, you do not have to suffer in silence.

In fact, CBD may not only fight pain but also speed up your recovery time.

How is this possible?

The interaction between CBD and our bodies, combined with the soothing properties of a massage, may reduce muscle tension and pain for a speedy recovery.

5.) Boost Your Mood

The benefits of CBD massages are not only physical.

Evidence suggests massages actually reduce the level of stress hormones in our body - AKA our “fight or flight” response.

But here’s where things get really interesting:

Ample research also indicates regular massages may improve our body’s ability to produce serotonin.

Why is this significant?

Low serotonin levels are linked to the development of disorders such as depression and anxiety.

CBD also happens to have a positive impact on our serotonin levels and may help stabilize our mood.

Combining the powerful effects of massages with CBD may increase these benefits for lasting relief.

Are you interested in trying a CBD massage?

We’re here to help!

At CBD Time, we have two certified massage therapists on staff who are ready to assist you and help you relax.

Give us a call to book your appointment or Contact Us Here to learn more.

FDA DISCLOSURE. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are in no way intended to treat or diagnose any physical ailment or disease. Please consult your Doctor before adding CBD or any supplement to your diet.

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